Brita Rogers offers Integrated foot, hand and ear Reflexology. 
Reflexology is a unique and deeply relaxing type of body work, that nurtures the whole body by applying specific touch and pressure techniques to the feet, hands and ears.
There are thousands of nerve endings in our extremities that are connected to our internal organs and our entire body. 
When reflex points are touched upon in specific ways, congestion around nerve endings are released and corresponding parts of the body are activated.
Energy flow and circulation within the body is increased and deep relaxation occurs.
 Body systems begin to function properly and ones constitution becomes stronger, more relaxed and regains homeostasis.  

Clients have experienced incredible results with Reflexology such as pain relief, stress reduction, elevated mood, aiding in digestive complaints and improvement in overall well being.

Integrated Reflexology and Reiki


This is my most popular offering. Blending these modalities creates a beautiful synergy of healing and is profoundly balancing to the physical and emotional body.


These sessions begin by connecting with Reiki and the clients energy field to assess areas that may need extra attention. The session then proceeds with the intuition of the practitioner while keeping communication open with the client.


Reiki is channeled to the front and back of the body, from the head to the feet, using light touch or no touch techniques.


Clients also receive foot, hand and ear reflexology creating a profound and thorough healing session that addresses all the internal organs and physical body through reflex points.


Every session is a unique and encourages vitality, clarity and calm.


Foot Reflexology
1 hour $80.00


Integrated Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology
1 hour $80.00
1.5 hours $110.00

Integrated Reflexoloy and Reiki
1 hour 80.00
1.5 hours 110.00