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Brita Elizabeth Rogers, NBCR

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Self-cultivation  has been an integral part of my journey. To be a clear channel for others, I believe it's imperative to do the internal work that is necessary for our own healing and growth.


My path in the healing arts began with herbalism,  caring and preparing herbs, both in the garden and apothecary. Discovering the power of plants was an empowering process, as my health improved and my spirit invigorated.


I became a certified professional herbalist while training at the Academy of Scottish Herbalism and created Equan Formulation, where I make small batch tinctures and teas.

Reiki graced my life shortly after my first child was born in 2009. Learning and practicing Reiki was transformative on many levels. It was a connection to source, a beautiful self care practice and a meaningful way to help family and friends. I was amazed at its subtle power. Reiki is a way of life which has been invaluable to me.


I trained with multiple Usui Reiki teachers over the years and appreciate the myriad of  techniques, practices and insights each training inspired.


I continue to evolve as a Reiki Master practitioner and I believe that mastery at anything requires years of dedication and refinement, a never ending journey.

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In 2012 my intuition clearly guided me to pursue the art and science of reflexology. I found my first reflexology teacher with ease and everything began to fall into place. I knew from the start I wanted to Integrate Reiki with Reflexology, as it was a perfect combination of energy work and therapeutic touch.


After years of commitment, I became a National Board Certified Reflexologist (NBCR). Prior to this achievement I was certified by Jill Fox in Southern Oregon as well as Bill Flocco of the American Academy of Reflexology. I also studied Structural Reflexology with Geraldine Villenuve as well as many other methods, which have enriched my practice and mindset.

In 2021 I began a deep dive into sound therapy. After using various tuning forks and singing bowls as self care for years, I knew eventually I would pursue formal training and share it with others. I discovered Acutonics® and the teachings are more than I could have ever imagined. 


I have completed level Five of my Acutonics®  training and I am working toward this in depth certification. This work dovetails perfectly with my Reflexology and Reiki practice.


 Integrated Energy therapy incorporates all three modalities into one custom session, curated to each individual's constitution. I have deep reverence for this work and the feedback has been incredible.

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Tending to my physical body through martial arts has been a sacred discipline for the past 19 years. Earning a black belt in praying mantis kung fu strengthened and inspired me beyond measure. This practice led to many evolutions in my life and I consider it to be a foundational healing art.


In 2017 I became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine to expand my knowledge and to share my love for strength training and overall fitness.

Most recently, I have been  exploring Daoist internal martial arts and it has enhanced my wellbeing both physically and spiritually. What a gift!


Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and my path. Please reach out if you have any questions!


I look forward to connecting with you!

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