Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique,  for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki translated from a Japanese kanji, is Universal life force energy. The Reiki healing system was founded by Mikao Usui in Japan, in the early 1900's. 
We all have life force energy running through and surrounding our bodies at all times. There are also times when our energy flow may be disrupted due to a physical trauma or emotional stress. These occurrences  may cause dis-ease in the body and mind.
Reiki can help release these energies out of the body allowing one to deeply relax and ground.  The body has the innate wisdom to heal itself, and the energy work facilitates this. 
A session will usually address many of the energy centers along the spine, head, hands and feet as well as the aura that surrounds the body. Clients remain fully clothed during the session, on a comfortable massage table. 
Reiki is helpful in cases of stress, trauma,  depression, recovery from surgery and health maintenance and illness prevention.
Dense energy and stagnation within the body will begin to clear and move, regaining ones natural energy flow.
People report a sense of peace and clarity after experiencing Reiki energy as well as a shift in perspective. 

Vibrational healing sounds can be incorporated into a session if desired. Brita works with 2 incredible Tibetan singing bowls and is always happy to invite their healing sound into a session.


1 hour $60.00

1.5 hours $90.00

Integrated Reiki and Reflexology

This type session will integrate Reflexology and Reiki as well as other energy modalities, to create a renewing and life force producing experience
This is Brita's most popular offering , as blending these modalities creates a beautiful synergy of healing and is profoundly uplifting and balancing to the physical and emotional body.


Integrated Reiki and Reflexology

1.5 hours $85.00

Equan Healing Arts

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