Brita Rogers began her path in the Healing Arts by cultivating and caring for herbs, both in the garden and in the apothecary. She experienced how herbs increased her health an overall wellbeing  and soon became passionate about sharing information and helping others as well.


 After fully immersing herself in the study of botany, application of herbs, as well as anatomy and physiology at the Academy of Scottish Herbalism, she created Equan Formulation where she makes herbal extracts made from organically grown and ethically wild crafted herbs. Brita is a Certified and Professional Herbalist 

In 2009, Brita gave birth to her first child and her life quickly transformed. Formerly a landscape gardener and silversmith for over a decade, she chose to fully step onto the healing arts path and everything began to unfold perfectly.


She dove into the practice of  Reiki from 2010-2015 and became a Reiki Master Practitioner. She was fortunate to train consecutively with three different and wonderful Reiki Masters, Dea Lisk, Lada Karol and Susan Tate. Reiki continues expand and enhance Brita's life and she feels blessed to share this gift with others.


In 2011 she was called pursue training in Reflexology after experiences of it's profound effects. She went on to immerse herself in Reflexology from 2011-2013, receiving a Certification from Jill Fox and a Certification in Integrated Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology from Bill Flocco, at the American Academy of Reflexology.


Brita is a Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist through ARCB.

In addition, Brita has been an active and dedicated Martial Artist since 2004 and earned a black belt in Praying Mantis Kung Fu. This discipline has been an incredible healing art, which has inspired many evolutions in her life.


In 2017 she became Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine to enhance her training and teaching.


Equanimous Healing & Movement Arts:


Offering healing and movement practices, that balance and energize the body, mind and spirit. 


Please contact Brita with any questions you may have!



I had 2 amazing reflexology/reiki treatments with Brita. I must say that one was the most profound healing experience I've ever had-- some serious emotions were released and I left feeling light, and amazing! The reflexology and reiki continued working with me for days and I felt balanced, level, and grounded. Thank you Brita, you are an inspiration and an incredible healer. If you all get a chance, try some of her homegrown teas and tinctures, they are amazing!



Brita is a local gem! I always feel incredibly balanced and joyful after the reflexology sessions. She's an expert at the botanicals as well, the ones I've used were very helpful. Would recommend her in a heartbeat.





Brita is a healer through and through. Her treatment helped me to clear pain that had been keeping me from moving forward. I am grateful to receive her medicine.





I love receiving treatments from Brita. Her skill and care are palpable and deeply nurturing. I always feel relaxed and aligned afterwards :) I especially recommend her reflexology-energy 1 1/2 hour sessions. They are soo good!





Brita's Reflexology is So relaxing and supportive. Brita has an excellent healing touch and manner. I very much enjoy my sessions with her!





I have been working with Brita for a few years and am always impressed with her dedication and passion for Reflexology. I always feel renewed and relaxed after her sessions. Very effective treatment for my stress and digestion.




Brita Rogers of Equan Healing Arts, Eugene is the most wonderful intuitive Reflexologist I've ever experienced! Her delightful spiritual energy, deep knowledge of herbs, and wise attention to breath and body combine into a powerful, relaxing, and healing experience. Every Reflexology Session with Brita leaves me feeling more grounded and in tune.



Brita is an incredible skillful and intuitive healer. Her gentle and warm energy easily lulled me into a more soft, and receptive mood, and the reflexology session allowed me to relax and enter a peaceful, almost nap like state of mind. I left the session feeling sweetly relaxed, yet alert and clear. I look forward to more reflexology sessions with Brita and recommend her highly!


Immensely relaxing, profoundly intuitive, deeply nourishing. Brita holds safe and healthy space to move energy through the body. I highly recommend her.


Equanimous Healing & Movement Arts

Brita Rogers

3415 W 16th

Eugene OR 97402