Distance Reiki

Reiki transcends time and space. A distance session can be just as profound as an in person session and received at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home. During these times, we all need some extra healing energy. I am here to support you! 


To prepare for this I ask that you have your intentions for healing, in you heart and mind. It is best to receive  distance sessions when relaxed at home or in a place where you will not be disturbed for 45-60 minutes, however you are able to receive Reiki anywhere at anytime and it is still effective!



During the Reiki session, I  drop in to a deep state, connecting to your energy and higher consciousness. You may feel a variety of sensations,  experience a deep state of relaxation and gain more clarity. You may feel lighter and more energized after a session as well. 




Reiki truly has it's own intelligence and flows to the exact places that are in need of healing, releasing blocks and creating healthy energy flow to your entire body and mind. Just open to all the healing frequencies that are available to you and trust! Get out of your head and into your breath..... and heart.

Sacred space is held and all sessions are confidential!

I will give you more preparation details after you schedule an appointment. An email will be sent to you with  information to help you  create the time a space for the distance healing.


To best assist you please fill out the form below and list 1-3 main things you want to heal or work through. This can range from anything and not limited to.......physical pain, heartbreak, stress, anxiety, injury or general healing of any kind. After receiving your information, we will connect directly by phone or email when it works for both of us and discuss next steps.


To book a session,  please schedule with the online booking tab You may also contact by phone or text  (541) 517-2665

I offer these sessions at a sliding scale rate and suggest $40-75.


Please inquire if you need a sliding scale rate with any of my services, as I want to be accessible to everyone that needs it.


Thank you and please reach out with any questions you may have.