Brita Elizabeth Rogers, NBCR

Brita is a National Board Certified Reflexologist and offers foot, hand and ear reflexology. Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and effective modality that works directly with the nervous system and utilizes specific touch and pressure techniques to the feet, hands and ears. ​This creates a profound calm, releases tension and assists with vital energy flow throughout the entire body, including the internal organs and glands.


She studied with Jill Fox in Southern Oregon, Bill Flocco of the American Academy of Reflexology and Structural Reflexology® with Geraldine Villenuve. 


Brita has been practicing both reflexology and reiki professionally since 2012. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner and her specialty is integrating these modalities, as they are so complimentary.


Integrated Energy Therapy is a synergistic blend of Reiki, Acutonics® & Reflexology. Acutonics® utilizes planetary frequency tuning forks that are applied to acupoints on the body and the etheric field. Brita has completed level II of her Acutonics® training and is currently working toward this in depth certification. 


Integrity, Intention and connection. Each client receives a session curated to their needs and goals, in a safe and serene environment. 


​In addition, she has been an active martial artist for 18 years and earned black belt in praying mantis kung fu. This discipline has been an incredible healing art, which has inspired many evolutions in her life.


She is a certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine and offers private and small group strength training sessions.


The body has the innate wisdom to heal itself and the services that Brita offers help facilitate this process.